Saturday, June 19, 2010

field | work - summer recess and notes from the field

Well, the spring semester has ended, and although teaching continues through June and July most of us are away doing fieldwork right now.

Check out the New Buffalo Blog for the field projects run by Prof. Sev Fowles in and around Taos. Taos has its own history of connections with New York, in the form of Mabel Dodge Luhan's artists' salon. Great to think that the links are being maintained!

Meanwhile others of us will send periodic posts from the field over the next few months.

Theoretical Archaeology Group at Brown University #2

A somewhat belated review of the third US TAG held at Brown University at the end of May. The conference was a great success, with a real variety of papers and presentation formats. The opening plenary session, moderated by Nick Shepherd was particularly strong with the theme of the location of theory. Homi Bhabha was invited to comment on presentations by Alejandro F. Haber, Yannis Hamilakis, and Uzma Z. Rizvi. Papers can be found on the plenary session page of the TAG website.

There were also a number of wonderful artistic interventions during the conference which did a great deal to promote the creative and innovative attitude of the conference; the organizers also made some interesting experiments with session format and organization that will hopefully be picked up on in future years.

Of course, with any TAG conference, the key question is always 'How was the party?' and we are happy to report that TAG Brown lived up to the high standard that has been set by 30 years of British TAGs. Do you have any photos? Please submit them for posting for here if so...

Next year Berkeley! But before then, don't forget the Old World British original, in Bristol, UK this December.